90 Day Fitness Challenge Weight Loss Program

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The Burn with Kearns 90 Day Fitness Challenge Weight Loss Program is full of energy and motivation that will have you burning pounds in no time. In addition to the weight loss focus, the program will improve your agility, balance & coordination, cardiovascular stamina, flexibility and overall body strength. This weight loss program has proven to benefit both men and women.

The program consists of 3 DVDs; an introductory workout, an intermediate workout and an advanced workout. Instructional demonstrations of each exercise are shown by Coach Kevin Kearns. All exercises work multiple parts of the body. They are based on movements that have been adapted from core training, the martial arts and yoga. This variety of movements makes losing weight an enjoyable process.

These workouts use your bodweight, a resistance band and medicine ball.  In less than 6 weeks, you (and others) will see positive changes in your body.