AirFit Trainer Pro™ from Purmotion

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The evolution of suspended bodyweight exercising led us to develop the AirFit Trainer Pro™. Our patent-pending technology allows for completely unrestricted movement in which body parts can move independently to work efficiently in all planes of motion.

It has been designed with features to allow for proper body alignment and comfort when performing your favorite strength training, stretching, stability, and mobility exercises.

The AirFit Trainer Pro™ allows for true unilateral movements and rotation. It will build total body strength, power, flexibility, stability, and coordination by constantly challenging your core to perform primal movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and rotating - all of which are paramount to achieve BALANCE and higher levels of HUMAN PERFORMANCE.

Key Features

  • Ultra Slings™ are specially designed to provide comfort in performing both upper and lower body exercises. These will prevent abrasion caused by other suspension devices' straps when performing exercises such as push-ups. Easy access and comfort for placing feet or legs in Ultra Slings™ to perform exercises while lower body is suspended. These can also be used as a grip-strengthening tool by grasping the entire sling.
  • Includes our Cyclone™ technology! No longer are you restricted to just bilateral movements. The AirFit Trainer Pro™ allows you to move body parts independently of each other for total unrestricted movement
  • Add rotation to your favorite exercises as you bend, twist, push, pull, and squat with the patent pending technology
  • Ideal for various stretching techniques as you use the unilateral movement to assist in generating more range of motion in your stretches
  • Comes with the AirFit™ Spring to provide more comfort, while diminishing impact and jarring when performing exercises
  • The Cyclone52can easily be detached and used for countless other applications as an attachment to bands, cables, sleds, and more. Also great for using solely as a stretching tool
  • Attach to a pull-up bar or rack using the sewn loop to choke the bar or utilize the carabiner clip provided to attach to an eyebolt or other similar mount.
  • Use various grip attachments! Allows for any handle, bar, or other attachment that fits the included carabiner