Burn With Kearns " Gas in the Tank" the Basement Tapes for MMA Fitness

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Burn With Kearns The Basement Tapes for MMA  Conditioning 

" Gas In the Tank" 

This was designed so my MMA athletes or YOU! don't lose in the last 30 seconds to 1 minute of a competition when it really counts! 

We have measured this with UFC athletes at 479 calories burned in just 17 minutes ! 

We have also measured this with longer programing ( 45 minutes at 887 calories burned with athletes that had 7 to 13 percent body fat !) 

To lose a pound of body fat you must burn 3500 calories per week. 

3 of these workouts for the average person will burn up to 3600 to 4000 calories in a week! 

This is number 3 in the series. This is where we become sports specific for a fight to competition. This phase is all about sport specificities, muscular endurance, power output , weight loss, and mental toughness. 

I developed these based on the HIT model with a twist. Instead of a 2 to 1 work ratio ( 30 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest E.G.) I developed what is called a 2.122 to 1 work ratio ( 35 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest)  So for example 

3 rounds 5 minute each for a UFC fight 

30 seconds of work with 9-10 stations of drills is only 5 minutes of total work. This would only develop enough muscle endurance for that total time.

35 seconds of work with 9-10 stations is 5:25 -5:83 minutes of total work!

This gave all my 15 UFC athletes enough " Gas in The Tank" for every fight ! 

We have used this for Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Pro BJJ, Pro Point Karate , Suzie the soccer mom, and Dad Bods to get into the best shape of their lives ! 

Be Relentless Coach Kevin Kearns