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Fit as a Fighter DVD and Train Like an Ultimate MMA Fighter DVD Bundle

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Recommended for Group Class Instructors and for those teaching Small Group Programming that would like to learn and incorporate challenging and creative MMA training exercises into their classes. Also, recommended for Personal Trainers.

IDEA, the world's largest association of fitness and wellness professionals produced these high quality DVDs on location.

Save $10.40 with this bundle versus if the DVDs were purchased individually. 

Fit as a Fighter

Get fit without getting hit! Mixed martial arts (MMA) has taken the world by storm. The only problem is that not everyone wants to get literally punched in the face! Experience this exclusive new program and see how you can adapt it for your small–group training program as well as for one–on–one training. Just 10 minutes is all we need to show you why MMA is one of the most demanding sports in the world, with one of the highest caloric burns in sport today. And just in case you're not sold, did we tell you that it's a whole lot of fun and can be done by almost anyone?

Presented at the 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Train Like an Ultimate MMA Fighter

Mixed martial arts fighters are the ultimate athletes. They must reap incredible conditioning benefits from their strength and conditioning programs, while staying injury-free. Their daily training regimens are intense and include a range of martial art disciplines.

In this DVD, you will get introduced to a six-phased training approach developed by Coach Kearns and over 25 drills that you can employ with your clients. Learn carefully calibrated workouts that can be adapted for a wide range of personal training programs and group classes. These workouts are fast-paced and challenging—your clients will absolutely love training like an MMA fighter!

Presented at the 2011 IDEA World Conference

DVD Running time: 113 minutes