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This is my true story how I came back from the brink of the abyss. Just 19 months I , Coach Kearns , the coach to 15 UFC fighters , countless articles on conditioning , author of " Always Picked Last ",  creator of Burn With Kearns MMA fitness system and mr positive , fell into a deep seemingly endless hole. 



A pit that felt so dark , helpless and hopeless . As a mentor said " a cement overcoat that's constantly on you. You can't shake it . It's always there and it's just something I had to go through. 

It was necessary to get me to where I am now and beyond . This is raw and real as it gets !  NO FLUFF , NO BS , NO PUNCHES PULLED ! EVAH) 


That's how I roll. 

My goal is to help people realize they are not alone and it's possible to get out from under it ! You are stronger than you think you are! 

You are important !

You are valued ! 

You are loved ! 

And You matter ! 

I send you light , love , joy , kindness and peace in your days! 

May you find what works for you as I did . 

You will find it !

Namaste Coach Kearns