MMA Fitness Coach level 1-4 and Master Coach program INCLUDED ! SAVE $400! 6/12 -6/13 Raynham Mass , Premire Martial arts

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I only have  14 spots left for this  live in person  course, which we call "boots on the ground". This will also be available live on Zoom we only have 30 spots left  on zoom ! 

if you have to do this by zoom you are entitled to take the course live within 2 years Free ! 

This is level 1-4  Burn With Kearns certification program 

.06 CEC's from ACE 

 These will sell out !


And won't be available till September 18-19th ! 


Normal price $1500  

The price is $887 which is a savings of $400!  


This includes your application to our master trainer program which is a

$500 value 

Our master trainer program is very rigorous! This is no joke ! It's a 6 month process . If you want to wear my colors and carry my name and father's name you are required to do more than take a test! 

This is can be paid in 2 payments 


Including in the that price is 10 additional hours of video content.  Value $300 



I only have 15 masters coaches  out of 2532  certified level 1 and 2 trainers. 


Saving 1/2 price on our affiliate program.  $150 savings. 


Affiliate program is normally $26.50 for individuals or $62 for gyms and alike. 


Now ! 

it’s $13  individuals for life ! 


$26  a month for a life !  for studios , schools and gyms. 


That entitles you to 


1. Weekly group conference calls with me and my team once per week to discuss business and alike. ( which is recorded ) 


2. All my exclusive discounts On equipment I believe in.


3. Access to our private whats app group. 


4.  Monthly lesson plans and new video content 


Value $2500 !


The new value of this 


OXrG38cert level

level 2


Heads you must take the level 1 -2 test online before taking level 3-4 !!

Coach Kearns 





Anyone who has not taken the level 1 or 2  or needs to be re certified 


Will be able to take it Free for the next 2 weeks ! 


That’s another savings of $400 !





Plus you can retake or take the “boots on the ground  “certification live for free within 2



This offer will

Not last! Act now !!


Coach Kevin Kearns 

BS FMS  Wellness And fitness coach , Columnist  

Author , Presenter , Corporate wellness provider , content provider , certification specialist , self defense and law enforcement defensive tactics instructor


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This program in reaching master coach in the Burn With Kearns system. 

Level 3 and level 4

Will cover 

1. Beginner partner drills to advanced 


2.grappling specific strength 


3. Beginner and advanced rebounding programming 


4. Beginner to advanced 

Bosu and surge programming 


5. Extensive drills and skills for pad holding boxing , Muay Thai , and Kali 


6. Beginner chi qoung new! 


7.  Primal reset warm up mechanics for all levels.  New !!! 


8. Proper programming for athletes and wellness clients